What Is an EMP Blocker Made Of?

emp blocker

The terms “electromagnetic pulse,” “Faraday cage,” and “electrostatic induction” may seem intimidating. But by the time you finish this article, you’ll have a good enough grasp of the science behind this technology that you’ll want to grab an EMP blocker of your own! What Is an EMP? EMP is short for “electromagnetic pulse,” a Continue Reading →

Explaining EMPs: How to Survive an EMP Attack at Home for Beginners

how to survive an emp

You’re in a grocery store doing your weekend shopping. It’s late, you wish you had done this earlier. Suddenly, the lights go out. Darkness. Panic is rising. People are screaming. They’ve realized their cell phones don’t work. You check your phone. Nothing. Slowly, you make your way outside with everyone Continue Reading →

Are Solar Panels Affected by Nuclear EMPs?

Solar panels are likely your best option for power after a nuclear EMP. But will your equipment survive the attack? Are solar panels affected by nuclear EMPs? Your solar panels themselves likely won’t be destroyed by a nuclear EMP, with the exception of their diodes. The real risk comes with Continue Reading →