Tech Protect

Tech Protect, LLC is an organization dedicated to protecting electronic components from an EMP. Many people don’t realize how damaging an EMP attack can be. Tech Protect came about by understanding how to protect ourselves from such an attack.

What is an EMP?

In simple terms, that I can understand, an Electro Magnetic Pulse is a release of energy or current that is trying to find a way to “ground”. As it races through the atmosphere towards earth (because of the magnetic field around the earth), it travels along the “path of least resistance” to ground. Electric overhead power lines act like antennas to attract the current because of its long wave length. The electromagnetic current that enters our power distribution system is expected to damage or destroy transformers and equipment meant to regulate the power lines. All other devices that are exposed (not stored in a protective device like a Faraday bag or cage) will also have the current travel across its circuitry and most likely destroyed or damage it.

What can be done?

Along with common sense ideas and thinking about what is really important for surviving an EMP Flood, you can protect much of what you own! Example: A few of my first thoughts were around communication and how to protect our hand held walkie-talkies and cell phones. If this takes place and the cell towers are down for months, I do NOT want to be in line at the cell store waiting on back order for a new phone. My chain saw motor spark plug is driven by an electronic ignition system. I do NOT want to go into a major extended power outage without a chain saw. I need to protect it. I also need transportation of some kind and something that will work with me to accomplish routine tasks like a 4 wheeler, boat motor, truck, car, etc. All use electronic ignition systems! (See list of items below of what may be affected by EMP). A Faraday Box is designed to protect again just such an occurrence as an EMP. The military uses this along with other “hardening” practices to protect against the potential EMP Flood we’ve been discussing. For us at home, this in many cases just isn’t feasible on our budgets or technical expertise. That’s why I’m introducing a less expensive EMP Bag, called the Tech Protect Bag to place our at risk items in for storage. The bag is made of heavy duty Mylar that has a metal alloy designed into it (aluminum) and a plastic insulating covering that keeps the current from reaching your sensitive device. A simple zip lock closing at the top ensures complete enclosure and protection for your devices. What can and should you protect at home and at the office? See a starter list contained below. What items do you have in a camper or cabin you expect to use in an emergency? Remember…. A new way of thinking. If ye are prepared ye shall not fear…

  • Laptops
  • Tablets
  • Smart Phones
  • MP3 Players of any kind
  • Walkie Talkies
  • Radio(s), emergency or otherwise
  • CB Radios not in use
  • Cell phones
  • Home wireless phones
  • GPS gadgets
  • Calculators
  • Electronic clocks
  • DVD/Blue Ray Player(s)
  • Battery chargers
  • Hand held game systems
  • Key fobs to vehicles or home security
  • Chain Saw(s) Anything with electronic ignition
  • Generators
  • Kitchen appliances
  • Flat panel screens not in use
  • Hard drives
  • Thumb drives
  • Electronic storage medium
  • Cords with large power adapter