7 Signs You Need a Faraday Bag

7 Signs You Need a Faraday Bag

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Edward Snowden is a mastermind at keeping secrets secret and protecting data with simple tricks, like asking lawyers and journalists to put their phones in the fridge so no one could listen in. The metal casing of the fridge blocks electronic transmission, acting as a makeshift Faraday cage.

Luckily, you don’t have to put your phone in the fridge to get the same protection for your data and electronics thanks to the Faraday bag, the modern-day, super-tech, easy-to-use, and practical version of the Faraday cage. It also protects against a dangerous EMP.

But do I really need to protect my phone and other tech data, you ask?

Let’s take a look at Faraday bags and why you might need one. Keep reading to see which uses fit your needs so you can rest assured you’re stuff is protected.

What Is a Faraday Cage and How Does It Work?

A Faraday cage keeps electromagnetic fields in or out, blocking them from going through like a protective shield. This is the tech behind the Faraday bag.

The first Faraday cage was created by Michael Faraday in 1836. He lined a room with metal foil and tried to pass high-volt electricity through. It didn’t go through!

The tech behind this the Faraday cage is called field cancellation. There are ions in the conductive shield material that cancel the electric field trying to come through by lining up like a shield and redirecting them down the lining.

The modern-day system is a cage with this shield as an outer layer.

What Is a Faraday Bag and How Can It Help Me?

Faraday bags are a practical and cool Faraday cage in the form of a bag that you can use to protect your phone, tablet, laptop, and more from unwanted snoopers or electromagnetic disasters that can harm your devices. They also keep your information private.

Faraday bags come in the form of storage bags, laptop bags, backpacks, and more lined with layers of defense. They shield from electromagnetic fields using layers of aluminum and coats of polyethylene and polyester.

You can test to see if it works. Simply put your phone in it and call it. No ring? Your Faraday bag is doing its thing!

Seven Signs You Need A Faraday Bag

Let’s take a look at the reasons you need a Faraday bag, starting with the most extreme situation: a devastating electromagnetic pulse, or EMP.

1. You Want Protection Against an EMP

Whether it’s Mother Nature or technology, an EMP blast can wreak havoc on all tech. EMPs can be caused by lightning or man-made weapons like nuclear bombs and radio-frequency weapons. An EMP blast can knock out your electricity and it can knock out all of our communications systems. No phones, no electricity, no computers, no transportation are just a few examples.

If you’re worried about an EMP blast, a Faraday bag would be useful to protect your important electronic devices. You could also put important papers in there too.

2. You Want Protection Against Scan Pirates

Digital pirates can scan your data as they walk by you. That means they can get into your phone and laptop. They can also scan items that have an electronic stripe, like passports, credit cards, and IDs.

You can protect your digital information against these identity and data hackers by putting your small items in a Faraday bag.

3. You Want Privacy for Top Secret Secrets

Whether you work for the police or military or have other sensitive information on your phone or laptop, you want to protect your data to keep everyone safe. You surely have firewalls and protection in the office but can use a Faraday bag when you’re out with your phone, laptop, or tablet that has the data on it, even in the form of sensitive emails.

If you have a job or company that keeps track of the data of others or sensitive information about a new product or launch, for example, you might want to ensure that it stays private on your personal devices. You don’t want any press snooping or corporate hackers tapping into your information. Faraday cage bags have you covered when it comes to keeping secrets secret.

4. You Want to Protect Your Personal Data

Protect the private and sensitive information on your phone, laptop, and tablet from digital thieves when you’re out in the world, or even at home. Keep login information, your social security number, bank accounts, investments, addresses, phone numbers, emails, and more secure.

Faraday bags let you stay private on all fronts, even if it’s just to stay off the social grid. They also protect you against identity theft.

5. You Want to Protect Your Credit Cards

This one isn’t as obvious, but yes, digital hackers can scan your credit cars right through your wallet as you pass! So get your cards in a Faraday bag, especially when traveling, if you’re worried about credit card fraud and stolen money.

6. You Want to Protect Your Car Key Fob

If you use a key fob to open your car and start it, it’s constantly emitting an electronic signal. Hackers can scan and steal that information and break into your car. If you have a smart start car, they can also then steal your car!

Worried about your key fob? Keep it in a Faraday bag to keep it secure.

7. You Want to Protect Yourself From Phone Radiation

All electronics constantly emit small pulses of electromagnetic energy and radiation. Your phone, for example, sends data on microwaves. So these waves hit your body. It’s impossible to get away from them entirely in this digital age, but if you keep your devices in a Faraday bag when not in use, you can keep yourself protected and less impacted.

Stay Protected With Faraday Bags

Whether you want to protect against a big EMP blast disaster as best you can or keep your identity and credit card information secure from digital hackers, Faraday bags have your back.

Do you think Faraday bags can help you protect your data and communication devices?

Check out some of our simple-but-powerful bags and get the security you want before it’s too late.