Survival Checklist: Important EMP Survival Supplies You Should Be Hoarding

Survival Checklist: Important EMP Survival Supplies You Should Be Hoarding

survival checklistAre you preparing your home for a doomsday-level event such as an economic collapse or World War III? Do you want to make sure that you are able to survive no matter what happens and begin to rebuild civilization?

If so, then you must be aware of what an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) is capable of. This burst of energy can destroy electronic equipment over a wide range, and if it’s powerful enough, it can send civilization back to the Stone Age for a long period of time.

Whether the EMP is caused by man or a natural occurrence, you can get through it with the help of certain supplies. With our knowledge of EMPs, you will be able to move on from the catastrophe and begin a new, and hopefully better, life.

Here are important EMP survival supplies that you need to have on your survival checklist.

1. Water

The first thing that you need to have on your preppers list is water, which you can only survive a few days without. Depending on what you use to store water, you’ll need to start preparing your supply ahead of time.

Make sure to use food-grade plastics, as this material will do a better job of keeping harmful chemicals out of your water than regular plastic gallon water jugs. It also helps to regularly clean whatever you keep your water in.

Each person that you are staying with should have access to at least one gallon of water per day. Other ways to store water include water bricks, storage tanks for larger groups, and rain harvesting from your roof and gutters.

2. Food

Another primary supply that you’ll need in your survival kit list is food, which you might be able to go for a few weeks without, at most. Your best bet is preparing 30 days in advance of whenever you expect things to start going south.

We advise focusing on fruits and vegetables, as well as sugar, salt, rice, honey, beans, wheat, pasta, powdered or canned cheese, and butter. Make sure to keep your cooking tools clean to prevent illnesses.

Walmart, Cosco, and similar stores are reliable spots for shopping for food due to large stocks. If you have pets, then keep just as many bags around for them in case of an EMP.

3. Medical Equipment

The next slot on your EMP survival items list goes to medical equipment, which is important since an EMP can take away the option of resources that rely on current technology at hospitals. This is especially important if you or a loved one suffers from a certain condition.

Band-aids, gauze, and bandages will take care of simple cuts and bruises while out in the wild. Neosporin, hydrogen peroxide and BurnJel will take care of infections.

When it comes to more serious wounds and infections, you’ll need N95 masks, nitrile gloves, Benadryl, snake bit kits, and essential oils. Tweezers and syringes come in handy from removing unwanted material from the body.

4. Power

When it comes to power, sources come in different shapes and sizes. They are important for your survivalist supply list because of the different situations you will need them in.

Certain batteries do a better job of resisting an EMP than others, and a large stock helps you whether you’re closer to civilization or the wild. Solar chargers will help you provide power for bigger ranges of property.

You can use LED flashlights in case you need to venture out for other supplies when it gets dark out. Cars will also need gas, and your home should have oil and headlamps in case more common options don’t work.

5. Communication Tools

There’s strength in numbers, and that won’t matter more than when all of the power goes out. You’ll need communication tools to stay in touch with and find other people trying to survive.

HAM and hand-crank radios can handle the worst of events, and there are antennas that you can make yourself with the right instructions. A faraday cage will protect your electronics and keep them running for as long as needed.

Before you put these tools together for your prepper checklist, make a list of contacts for everyone you know personally and who could possibly help in this situation. If you know someone but don’t have their number, get it as soon as possible.

6. Security Equipment

When an EMP cuts off the power, you will be more vulnerable to dangers that can come from man or nature. In this case, you’ll need protection in the form of weapons and barriers.

Helpful tools include handguns, shotguns, hunting rifles, and ammunition, as well as knives, blades, and similar weapons in case your guns don’t work or aren’t around. This is also an opportunity to learn self-defense so that you can protect yourself against an attacker.

We also recommend security cameras for trespassers, attack dogs for large numbers, and tasers or pepper spray for close-range attacks. It is also best to develop a neighborhood defense to keep everyone around you strong and enforce law and order.

7. Comfort Items

Once you have all of your safety and preservation tools in order, it is now time to focus on the more relaxing aspects of your survival checklist. More specifically, you need to have comfort items available so that everyone stays relaxed and calm and entertained.

Items in this category can range from board games for the kids to books for when you need peace and quiet. Soap, toilet paper, and similar items will keep your setting clean, and mattresses, blankets, and sleeping bags will help you stay warm and comfortable.

Make sure to have chocolate and other snacks to enjoy with friends and family. If you have enough power, you can play music on an MP3 player or movies on a DVD player to have dance-offs and movie nights while you wait for the power to be restored.

Our Take on Your Survival Checklist

The best survival checklist allows you to stay safe and prosper in a world without the luxuries that we have today. An EMP will not hold you back from being civilized as long as you have the right tools.

Some items on this list will keep you safe and in good shape, while others focus on comfort and giving people hope and a chance to still have fun. With this checklist, you and your loved ones will maintain hope for the future.

Check out more of our EMP expertise so that you can be ready for whatever this event throws at you.