Small 8″ x 8″ Faraday EMP Bag



The “Small” 8″X8″ bag is perfect for small items and mobility. Common items are cell phones, MP3 players, thumbdrives/external hard drives, GPS, HAM Radios with antenna removed, red dot gun sights, LED flashlights, smaller cameras, etc…

This Faraday bag features an outstanding 38-pound puncture resistance.The multiple layer construction provides full protection against ESD, EMI/RFI and tribocharging. Electrical Properties *EMI Shielding (MIL-B-81705-Rev-C): >40 db Between 1 & 10 GHz

It has always been the suggestion of Tech Protect to nest or place one bag inside of the other to give optimal protection against EMPs and Super EMPs. Nesting is placing one faraday bag inside of another faraday bag, therefore doubling the protection from an EMP. One EMP bag is EMP proof, however Super EMP technology exists and is capable of getting through more shielding. Therefore, it is recommended that all items be nested to prevent damage in the event of a Super EMP weapon being used.

Additional information

Weight .5 lbs