In Case Of Emergency: 5 Reasons You Need an EMP Protection Bag

In Case Of Emergency: 5 Reasons You Need an EMP Protection Bag

EMP protection bag

The modern world offers many potential benefits, but our reliance on technology is a double-edged sword. What would you do in the event of an EMP and you found yourself back in the stone age? If you have no answer to this simple question, let’s review these five reasons you need an EMP Protection Bag.

1. EMPs Can Happen Anytime, Anywhere

For who are unfamiliar, EMP is short for Electromagnetic Pulse which is a powerful burst of energy. While this phenomenon can occur naturally or artificially, it could cause devastating effects on the power grid. If enough of the countries power grid was effected, modern civilization as we know it would no longer work.

The three major ways this could occur are a massive solar flare, a nuclear explosion or a specially made EMP bomb. An EMP produces one of two kinds of pulse that have different but equally bad effects. A high-frequency pulse will short out the wires found in computer systems while low-frequency damage large scale wiring used in infrastructure.

Given how out of date our current infrastructure is, a major EMP could be catastrophic. Commerce, utilities and telecommunication would be down, leading to chaos and devastation as panic sweeps through the country. At that point, only those who had the foresight to prepare for an EMP attack would have working technology needed to survive.

Depending on the size and altitude of a nuclear explosion, the resulting burst could easily cover the whole of North America. In the event of a solar storm, it is likely that the entire planet could be affected to some degree.

2. The Real Impact on Electronics

In the event of a deliberate nuclear strike to create an EMP could have as many as three separate waves. The first is called E1 and is the direct release of nuclear energy created by the explosion. Next would be E2, producing a similar effect to a power surge capable of frying consumer electronics.

Third and last would be E3, which occurs when the nuclear energy interacts with the Earth’s magnetic field. While E3 is the weakest of the three, it covers the largest area and grows with the size of the explosion.

With our increased reliance on complicated technology, our infrastructure is more at risk than ever before. A genuine E1 pulse could render almost any technology that needs integrated microchips to work. Microchips are at particular risk, given their size. The smaller the surface of a given device, the more energy and radiation it will be subjected to.

3. Protect Your Vital Gear With EMP Protection Bags

One of the few ways to protect electronics from the effects of an EMP is to have them covered in an EMP Bag. The reason this works is due to something called the Faraday Effect. By encasing your electronics in a bag laced with silver or stainless steel threads, they will be safe from the effects of an EMP blast.

If you happen to think that solar panels will help you out during this kind of crisis, think again. Solar panels are just as vulnerable to the effect of an EMP unless protected. Without proper protection, they will just be expensive pieces of glass.

There are DIY methods of protecting your devices from the threat of EMP blasts. However, these are only as reliable as your ability to follow instructions and hope your gear doesn’t get ruined.

If you can afford to test how your hand-made protective measure holds up, more power to you. Everyone else would be better served by buying EMP bags from a supplier who can tell you exactly what it can protect your gear from.

4. Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance

Some people might be worried about their cellphone or the internet if the lights go off. If you’re reading this article, you have a much better sense of priorities. In the wake of an EMP, the priority must be survival, and whatever will make that easier for you to accomplish.

This is not to say that minor electronics are completely irrelevant. Whatever ends up happening, if there if anything left to rebuild, humankind will do it. However, you should definitely favor practical technology over unhelpful gadgets.

Imagine your surprise and horror when you discover that the emergency generator you bought is now a useless paperweight. In order to properly prepare for an EMP, your hardware needs to be protected at all costs.

Fortunately, all you need to do to have a reliable generator is to make sure it’s protected by an EMP bag. Given that the cost of an EMP bag is so much lower than the equipment itself, why take the risk? If you don’t take such an affordable precaution, you may have to suffer the consequences of inaction.

5. Unparalleled Toughness and Testing

Modern EMP Bags are far more than a simple mylar sack for your electronics. While you could take independent steps like wrapping your items in plastic and aluminum foil, they do not offer military grade protection. Additionally, the tensile strength of EMP Bags is far in excess of any homemade protection.

One of the easiest ways to make sure you have a quality product is to conduct the Radio and Cell Phone test. Simply put, you place an active radio or cell phone in an EMP bag. If you can still hear activity from the device, the product is not a true EMP Bag and you should seek a refund.

Companies that make reputable products not only pass the Radio and Cell Phone tests, but they have also undergone a much more detailed examination. Some are tested as moisture barriers while others are subjected to gamma radiation and electron rays. By testing an EMP Bag to the breaking point, you can be assured that you are buying a quality product.

You’ve Got This in the Bag

While none of us knows how we would truly react to a crisis of such proportions, you can do everything in your power to prepare. If you want your electronics to be safe in the wake of an EMP, Tech Protect has the EMP protection bag you’ve been needing.